Twin Mind: Ghost Hunter Collector's Edition

Posted 3 months ago

Title: Twin Mind: Ghost Hunter Collector's Edition

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Price: $14.99 / UUR 14.99

Release date: October 31st 2023

About the game

When an innocent young woman is found drained of her blood in a movie theater, the police dub this dangerous new killer “Dracula.”

The victim’s friend appears to be the main suspect, but when the twins dig further, the case takes an unexpected turn!

Can you help Eleanor and Randall get to the truth and stop the killer before they strike again?

Find out by solving puzzles and taking on exciting challenges in this Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

- Learn the terrible truth of a fatal love triangle in the Bonus Chapter!

- Replay your favorite puzzles and mini-games to earn a variety of achievements!

- Enjoy bonus concept art, mini games and more!

- Tons of collectibles and morphing objects to find!

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