November patches for Switch games

Posted 3 months ago

We have released this week two patches, both for Nintendo Switch versions of the games.

First patch 1.0.1 was released for game Twin Mind: Nobody's Here.

We have noticed if you play a game for more than 30-40 minutes it would slow down significantly and at one point make the game unplayable. Since this was horrible player's experience, we decided to further investigate what's causing this behavior and managed to fix it.

Game should run now on decent frame rate and we hope you all are going to enjoy it.

Second patch was release patch 1.0.5 for the game Glen Kinnoch from Faircroft's Antiques series.

We got a report from one of the players that dialog scenes contain scrambled image for the characters. After further inspection of code and assets we managed to figure out the cause of it (images for characters were too big) and fixed it.

This was reported on Switch OLED device.

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