Happy New Year 2024

Posted 3 months ago

Before we jump into 2024, let me reflect a bit on, still 2023 🙂

We had extraordinary year with dozens of new releases for Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 5. Something I'm very proud of is our release of more than 40 titles for PS5 in period of 2 months during April and May this year and that continued throughout the year.

Our dedication to publish first class indie and casual games on consoles continues with new partnerships this year and amazing developers are approaching us on weekly basis, which is great to see and is sign of recognition for our work.

As of November amazing Domini Games titles started coming out to Nintendo Switch. Twin Mind series being first and will continue with Connected Hearts and Magic City Detective in January 2024 followed by many others.

One of the best Clutter games out there are coming from master of his domain Mr. Joe Cassavaugh and I'm happy we released number of latest clutter games on PS5 this year and next year expecting Clutter 13 and Clutter 14.

Some of the best Solitaire games, such as Jewel Match Solitaire, Twilight Solitaire and upcoming Jewel Match Atlantis are coming from Surricate Software, our partner for more than 15 years.

We have successfully opened PlayStation 5 platform this year with over 60 releases and continued with close to 30 releases on Nintendo Switch.

Overall in 2023 that's close to 100 releases and I'm very proud on whole Ocean team for such an outstanding achievement.

Two important partnerships that we established this year are with Other Things from UK and GamesBranding from Denmark.

I would like to thank Matt and Richy from Other Things Agency UK for building such a great web site to help us present our work and communicate efficiently with our players, developers and journalists. Thank you guys for the amazing work!

Partnership with GamesBranding PR from Denmark and its captain Peter Jakobsen has been cooking for some time and finally Peter and his team joined forces with Ocean to tell the world what amazing games we're putting out from even more amazing developers.

This is very important component in plethora of our activities to promote the titles each month across vast media canvas.

What's coming next in 2024?

Dozens of new games from BoomZAP that's for sure, as well as from many other developers.

Our plan is very ambitious in terms of expansion to new platforms, new game genres and number of releases.

When it comes to platforms we're starting with releases for Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox X, Sony PlaysStation 4 and very likely for new system coming from another major platform holder.

We're introducing full support for Godot 4 engine for all 3 consoles, Switch, PlayStation and Xbox. Preliminary evaluation done, tech plan written and we're starting in January with port of Godot 4 to consoles.

Together with current projects in development expected number of releases is way over 180 for year 2024.

Sweetest two bits I'm saving for the end here. As Ocean is growing its business in various directions, we're announcing two titles in our own production, Charming Helena, a time management game with external developer, and Investigation Room, murder mystery HOPA with our own forces.

Happy New Year people!

Vedran Klanac, CEO

Ocean Media

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