Haunted mystery and mother's fight for her little daughter.

Like all moms, for Mary her Sophia was the apple of her eye and her heart. Haunted by strange curses from her orphanage days, Mary never knew the story of her dark past until the day she received that strange, mysterious letter. Never in her wildest dreams did she fear that fate would wipe away the peaceful serenity of her life. 3700 years have gone by, but even time can never heal some wounds.

The sweetest songs are those that tell of broken hearts.

  • A mother's epic frantic journey in search of her lost daughter, to the lost civilization of the Indus Valley - An untold saga of true love.
  • Explore "unforeseen" environments and original puzzles.
  • Bonus Chapter "Rising of the Phoenix"
  • Prequel Comic Book, Mom's diary pages
  • 30 Nostalgic memory collectables
  • 36 Hall of Fame Medals
  • 28 Morphing Objects
  • Replay Mini Games, Hidden Object Puzzles and Cut-scenes

    Haunted mystery and mother's fight for her little daughter.

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