Save your soulmate from Fortuna's grasp.

Dreyer Crowley has a tough time growing up: he loses his parents and ends up in an orphanage.

As Dreyer grows older, he decides to put an end to an endless streak of bad luck and restore his family's reputation.

But there's one problem: Dreyer's out of luck.

Desperate, he decides to make a deal with Fortuna: infinite luck in exchange for loving hearts.

Beatrice and Franz are Dreyer's next targets.

Solve tricky puzzles, outwit the villain's henchmen, and save the lovebirds.

Now the game is on!


    Save your soulmate from Fortuna's grasp.

    World class video game and music publishing, offering something for everyone.

    Ocean Media d.o.o.
    Antuna Mihanovica 42A

    10290 Zapresic
    Hrvatska, EU

    OIB: 73910628687
    Porezni broj: 02091879
    ERSTE: 2402006 -1100468126
    ADDIKO: 2500009 – 1101383957

    Trgovački sud u Zagrebu, Tt-06/6748-2
    MBS: 080568092
    Iznos temeljnoga kapitala društva 20.000,00
    kn, uplaćeno u cijelosti.

    Članovi uprave: Vedran Klanac, dipl. ing. stroj.
    Tel./Fax.: +385.

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