October 30, 2020

Hello Zotrix fans!

It’s been a while since we released latest game from Zotrix series and now I’m happy to give you quick update.

Recent developments around Zotrix games:

As you may know, our latest release was version of tower defense game Zotrix: Solar Division for Nintendo Switch console. With that release we have updated in game UI to work better for wide screens and especially for touch displays. On top of that Solar Division for Switch features new visuals for menus which are more intuitive overall. With all these improvements we plan to release mobile version of the game for iOS and Android later this year.

New Zotrix shooter game:

Now, let’s move to our current project, something that many of you have been waiting for. It’s new space shooter game from Zotrix series. Before I say something about this new game, let me reflect on the original Zotrix game.


For some time we were working on ideas for the sequel to original Zotrix game which was released back in 2015 for PC and PS4. Over the time our ideas changed quite a bit and they were shaped by player’s feedback which we received either directly or through the game reviews.


With original Zotrix game we were aiming really to hit that old school arcade machines gameplay from 80s and early 90s and we were really happy with the game. Visuals were spot on, gameplay as well. However, something what is reality on Steam and other platforms, new kids are coming and new expectations were put in front of the game. What was a spot on feature for our main target audience, retro arcade gameplay with waves of enemies where you know exactly on each level how waves are coming at you, was total failure for another segment of the game players. This feature was characterized as boring, repetitive gameplay, levels not balanced very well.


Another aspect of the game where we spent actually most of the time during development was resource trading mechanics, stock exchange of resources on each of 16 space stations and collecting resources through mission objectives. This feature added extra layer of complexity in the game but unfortunately it really didn’t live up to our expectation. One thing that we’re aware is that it was not properly presented to the player, some aspects were confusing from UI perspective and all in all this went pretty bad.


Over the time game accumulated a lot of negative reviews on Steam with feedback which showed us in what direction this game could be steered. Some of the negative feedback was pure trolling and we get that, nevertheless, some fair points were made there.


All this was happening while we already started drafting design for the sequel of the game. In parallel with that, our intention was also to release the original game, at some point for mobile platforms and reach to new players…..and then happened Nintendo Switch.


Zotrix for Nintendo Switch was immediate fixation for the whole team, because platform is perfect match for the game…but…in the form like it is now? Nope. Not even close.


So, we decided to design completely new Zotrix shooter game, with some ideas that we drafted for the actual sequel and some new ideas which are result of brainstorming about Nintendo Switch version. You may already see how we came up with the name Zotrix Fusion for this game and whatever you think it is, you’re probably right. All we know is that this will be really a different game.


Here’s early footage showing new menus and you can get the glimpse where this is heading 🙂 Stay tuned for new blog posts about core mechanics, visuals, platforms planned and so on.


For press inquiries of covering the game on streaming channels you’re free to contact the team to following email: contact@oceanmedia.hr


Skee-Ball for iOS and Android

Solar Division for Nintendo Switch – tower defense game

Skee-Ball for Nintendo Switch