November 29, 2020

Solve the mystery, stop the villain and save the world in this hidden-object adventure!
Travel between the past and present to solve a dastardly crime! Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting the Mona Lisa has been stolen and scattered through history by the mysterious “Time Chameleon”. As Chief Investigator of Interpol’s Environmental Crimes Unit, it is your job to track down the thief and recover the painting before the damage to the timeline is irreversible!

Use your hidden-object skills to search scenes for clues and open a pathway through time. Watch as the modern world fades and a bygone era emerges. Collect clues in each parallel scene in the present and past. If you can solve the past’s puzzle, you’ll unlock another piece of the missing painting and come one step closer to capturing the Chameleon. You never know where you’ll end up next, from a medieval garden, to Edo-era Japan, to the Taj Mahal and beyond – it’s never the same adventure twice!

Year of production: 2011

Genre: Hidden objects puzzle adventure

Platforms: PC, Mac, iOS, Android

Publisher: SelectSoft, Inc.

Developer: Ocean Media LLC


Vedran Klanac

Matko Klaić

Vedran Kralj

Tomislav Ostroški

Marijana Car

Antun Lujić

Dubravko Jurina

Karlo Skozret

Davor Matijašić

Igor Ivanović

Hrvoje Drinovac

Toni Kuzmanić

Zlatko Grom

Krešimir Romić

Siniša Slovenec

Damjan Mravunac



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