November 29, 2020

Will you uncover the Secrets of the Titanic? Eva follows in her grandmother’s footsteps and finds herself on a cruise ship taking the same route that the ill-fated Titanic did. However, Eva soon begins to flash between 1912 and the present… Should she try to prevent the disaster? If she does, what will happen to her future and her children? Will you change history forever? Play the hidden object game Secrets of the Titanic today!

Year of production: 2011

Genre: Hidden objects adventure

Platforms: PC, Mac, iPad, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS

Publisher: Avanquest UK

Developer: Ocean Media LLC


Vedran Klanac

Antun Lujić

Vedran Kralj

Tomislav Ostroški

Matko Klaić

Dubravko Jurina

Davor Matijašić

Karlo Skozret

Hrvoje Drinovac

Damjan Mravunac


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