November 29, 2020

One day little hippo got lost in a jungle. He was scared and lonely until a little fairy came and saved him. She asked him where does he live and he said “it’s far far away across the ocean”. Little fairy said “well, you can’t go back home without a wings…”, and she made little twirl with her magic wand and hippo got nice little wings. Hippo was so happy, he hugged the fairy and said “Now I can finally fly back home! Thank you little fairy. One more thing, can you please tell me your name?”. Little fairy said “My name is Amanda and whenever you need me just think of little green stone and I will show you your way back home.”

Year of production: 2014

Genre: Endless runner

Platforms: iOS, Android

Publisher: Ocean Media LLC

Developer: ZeroBit Games


Vedran Klanac

Simon Butler

Damjan Mravunac


Skee-Ball for iOS and Android

Solar Division for Nintendo Switch – tower defense game

Skee-Ball for Nintendo Switch