November 29, 2020

Join Sam and all his friends in a brand new adventure in PontyPandy. Choose from 15 action-packed games and activities including: Sam’s Fire Fight, Cook with Elvis, Emergency Call Out, Park with Penny, Where’s Naughty Norman, Jupiter’s Target Training, Station Ofiicer Steele’s A to B and Mike’s Match-3

Includes 15 exciting games and activities

Features a mix of Observation, Puzzle, Action and Brain-Teasing Games

3 levels of difficulty – Easy, Medium and Hard

Helps develop memory, logic, problem-solving and creative skills!

Year of production: 2013

Genre: Kids puzzle

Platforms: Nintendo DS

Publisher: Avanquest UK

Developer: Ocean Media LLC


Vedran Klanac

Antun Lujić

Karlo Skozret

Josip Dolovčak

Damjan Mravunac


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