October 30, 2020

The Simmons family is ready for Family Vacation 2: Road Trip! Join them as they go on a cross-country, hidden object adventure. Help them pack, travel through some of the most beautiful states and even spy something mysterious near Area 51. Get back to nature with Family Vacation 2: Road Trip today!

Year of production: 2013

Genre: Hidden objects puzzle adventure

Platforms: PC, Mac

Publisher: Ends In Four Game, Inc.

Developer: Ocean Media LLC


Vedran Klanac

Jakov Pavlek

Josip Dolovčak

Luka Mirt

Jakša Brzović

Igor Ivanović

Davor Matijašić

Eugeny Krivaschuk

Vasiliy Kovarenko

Tatiana Harpova

Olga Martseva

Damjan Mravunac


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