November 29, 2020

There’s been a murder in the world famous Eastville Opera House, which is the hub of high society in Eastville. Everyone who’s anyone is a regular visitor. But tonight it’s the final curtain for someone… because Dolores Molinero, the Queen of Drama, has been cruelly murdered. As the new crime investigator in town, it is your job to unravel this tale of love, passion and intrigue to unmask a murderer. Interrogate suspects, search for clues and run DNA checks; Find fingerprints, hair samples, and a mask. Play Eastville Chronicles: The Drama Queen Murder today!

Year of production: 2012

Genre: Hidden objects puzzle adventure

Publisher: Ocean Media LLC, TagStar Publishing, Ltd.

Developer: ZeroBit Games


Vedran Klanac

Vedran Kralj

Tomislav Ostroški

Vedran Vukelić

Antun Lujić

Matko Klaić

Lovro Pandžič

Dubravko Jurina

Davor Matijašić

Hrvoje Drinovac

Karlo Skozret

Damjan Mravunac


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